How do I buy wine? We produce a very limited quantity of wine… serious! We currently produce between 3000 and 4000 bottles, not cases, bottles (of which the Sauvignon Blanc is +- 1200 bottles). On the back label of each wine we indicate the total production of the specific wine/cultivar. Most of our wines are limited to one or two barrels, which we believe make it kind of special. The problem is that we also love our wine…

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So where would you find a bottle of Twelve Apostles Winery’s best?

  • You will not find our wine on some exotic island destination, every 2nd restaurant or on the shelf of your favourite supermarket. You will either have to visit us or attend one of our informal wine tastings (please follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we will let you know when we will be in your area)
  • You can also print an order form and we can arrange delivery. We subsidise the delivery cost and only charge R5 per bottle for a national delivery. A minimum of R60 per delivery.
  • Or simply contact us and we can arrange delivery
  • We also have stock in Pretoria - Please feel free to contact Theresa Coetzee ( 082 375 6288)



Note to the buyer and wine lover: Our wines are made with passion, commitment and…. by hand!  You might find e.g. the odd label not lining up… In no way does this reflect negative on the quality of the wine. We just don’t have all the equipment and budget as with most big commercial cellars. In fact, we believe you will find our wines competing with some of the best in the market…