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Hey, here we go again

Click! 2013 is in full swing. Back to school and back to work. And as with the holidays some New Year resolutions are probably also already a thing of the past.
Harvest is around the corner and we need to make our final decisions in terms of quantities, cultivars and wines to produce in 2013. Not always that easy. The grapes we harvest now will only be in the bottle and available in 2015. So if you have any idea of what you would prefer to drink mid-2015, please let us know! heh heh.
We face a very busy time over the next two months; busy, but never too busy. There will always be time for a tasting or just a bit of geeky wine chat – hey, these are some of the reasons we drink and enjoy wine, why be shy about it! In the short term we will be busy with:

Harvest 2013
Fun Fun Fun: We are on track and almost ready for harvest, the grapes are looking wonderful and veraison is happening fast (basically this is where the small green berries change colour, increase in size and become soft). First grapes through the press for us will be Sauvignon Blanc and we expect the grapes to reach phenolic ripeness in early March. This is where we get our hands dirty and from this point onwards, one word – chaos. In general, harvest for most wineries will start in +- 2 weeks, typically the guys producing bubbly. Exciting!


Blending 2011
The new Apostle: Before harvest we will be making up our 2011 blend; the new Apostle. There is a lot of pressure on us, both the Matthew 2009 and Mark 2010 sold out in no time, and it is of course our objective to improve on previous years, in terms of drinkability, quality, longevity and style. Once the blend is in the bottle we will sample it (often) and then name it…
This is then followed by a bit of de-stemming, crushing, settling, inoculation, fermentation, racking and aging of all the 2013 grapes – all good fun!

A quick update on our current wines, vintages and availability

  • Red Wine: Shiraz 2010, Merlot 2010 and Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
  • White Wine: Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and Chenin Blanc 2012

For more information on the specific wines please see Wines

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