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New releases 2013

Never have we been so excited about releasing our new vintages.

We have some really interesting Garagiste wines this year and we honestly believe these new wines are ‘next level’ in terms of quality. With most of our wines we only produce one barrel. And when you go big, you might ask? …two barrels!

New releases 2013 – Below please find a list of our new releases with a short description for each wine.


Bartholomew 2011.  This has replaced Mark 2010, our Bordeaux-style blend, which has been sold out for the last 5 months.  There has been a lot of pressure on us to release this wine (requests). This is a buy-now-drink-later wine and even though we are making it available, we recommend cellaring it for a further 3+ months.  Bartholomew is our flagship wine and will not disappoint!  Cabernet Sauvignon for structure, Merlot for body plus mid-palate and Cabernet Franc for aroma.  (Bottles produced 690)
Merlot 2011.  A wonderful example of what this varietal has to offer.  If you are a Merlot fan this one is for you.  Medium to full bodied with plenty of fruit, complimented by subtle wood.  (Bottles produced 310)
Shiraz 2011.  Lovely dark colour with rich spicy aromas.  Some pepper, lots of fruit and even a bit of clove.  (Bottles produced 280)
Grenache 2012.  New kid on the block.  What a wine!  If you like red fruit characteristics with lots of spice, cinnamon and ginger, this is a must!  This wine loves Italian food.  (Bottles produced 210 – only 8 cases still available)
SGV 2012. (Syrah, Grenache, Viognier) Our co-fermented Rhone-styled blend.  A very special wine indeed.  Producing this wine was a complete spur of the moment decision and a great example of experimentation in the cellar. (Bottles produced 210)
Cabernet Franc 2011.  Still one of my favourite wines. Such a beautiful nose, so appealing on the palate and a true gentleman; allowing big brother (Cabernet Sauvignon) to take all the shine. (Bottles produced 190)

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