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November 2012 Wines available

Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – and the rest of our babies.

At Twelve Apostles Winery we produce limited quantities of wine – seldom more than two barrels of a specific cultivar. It is always a challenge to convince the grape grower to sell us a bakkie load of his best flavour-packed grapes, but when you are offered 4 tons of grapes from a block that has been delivering top quality grapes and award winning wines for years, you grab the offer with both hands!’

Zevenwacht in Stellenbosch gave us such an opportunity and the proof of the pudding is now in the bottle! Just in time for spring – our maiden vintage of Sauvignon Blanc!

Producing a good Sauvignon Blanc takes some added effort though. 3am harvest, reductive style of winemaking, temperature controlled fermentation and extended lees contact to name some of that worthwhile effort. Our objective was to produce a multi-dimensional wine, full and fat on the palate with a subtle herbaceous, flinty and mineral character complimented by tropical, yellow fruit aroma. I think we’ve done exactly that. We believe the perfect Sauvignon Blanc must show a good balance between these green and fruit compounds, this will ensure greater drinkability and enjoyment. To soften the acidity and add to the mouth feel we’ve added a small percentage of Semillon, pushing this wine into a new dimension!

Sauvignon Blanc is just one of those wines that will always have a following. It is such a beautiful wine when done right and I can’t think of a better time to enjoy it on… well, any occasion.

We produced 2400 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, which sounds like a lot, but if you compare this to some of the commercial wineries producing up to 12 million bottles of a specific wine, we are, in the true sense, small scale producers. We can triple our production and still qualify as garagiste winemakers.

As Sauvignon Blanc has a high, natural acidity there are a couple of guidelines when pairing with food. Match the acidity in the food with wine that is equal in acidity. A salad with a decent helping of your favourite Greek dressing will “thin out” most wines and the wine will taste dull. So if you have a wine with very high acidity and want it to appear richer and “easier” give it a tart dish – problem solved!

If you need to lift the flavours of a subtle, easy dish, pair it with Sauvignon Blanc – it will lift the flavours. Also, if the dish is slightly salty, a Sauvignon Blanc will rescue your dinner party.

When it comes to cheese avoid the creamy Camembert and Cheddar and rather steer towards hard cheese like Parmigiano or goats milk feta, both of which have a higher salt content.

Sauvignon Blanc 2012

For the rest of our 2012 (and 2011) wines – all the malolactic fermentations are complete and the wine is in a so called “safe zone.”  Now the wine needs to relax and have a good bonding session with their friend oak – French Oak.

Later this year we will release the Chenin Blanc 2012, which is still in barrel. Total production is 1 x 300lt barrel.

The 2010 red wines are showing more and more character – it is wonderful how a bit of time in the bottle brings out the best in a wine. We are so pleased with these wines.  I am sure those of you who have recently tried them will acknowledge this.

In closing, Cape Wine Master, Winifred Bowman tasted our Sauvignon Blanc – “Rich and upfront tropical fruit in unashamedly new World style. Mouthfilling with a good acidity and dry, crisp finish.”

And our Garagiste forum:  “Herby, passion fruit nose, nice acidity, full palate”

For a full list of wines available, order form or contact details please see Our wines or Print order form

Trust you will enjoy the wines as much as we do.

Charles and Chris Lourens

Garagiste  |  Limited Production  |  Handcrafted  |  Small Scale Winemaking

(Yes, we still deliver wine door to door at only R5 per bottle, nationally. Min R60)

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