Team and story: So who is behind Twelve Apostles Winery? Well, it is a father and son garagiste winery. In 2008 we made a decision to take our passion for wine to the next level and ventured into the exciting world of winemaking. With the 2009 Chenin Blanc down the drain and working the basket press till 3am in the morning we realised very quickly that “wynmaak is nie vir sussies nie” (Winemaking is not for the faint-hearted).

Charles & Chris Lourens

Twelve Apostles Winery has a dynamic team with Chris (father) and Charles Lourens as the driving force behind the winery. This doesn’t mean that our wives and kids are not involved. In fact, without their help, motivation and support it just wouldn’t be the same!

Chris is a civil engineer. Yes one of those few with personality (Just joking!). Their precise worlds and respect for the laws of nature form the foundation in the winery. Charles on the other hand is an ex-restaurateur. He currently runs an online wine marketing company, loves spending time behind the video camera and is always keen to experiment in the cellar; all in all the pair makes a great winemaking team.

We think the front label on our wine says it best:

Twelve Apostles is a boutique “father and son” winery producing a limited quantity of high quality wine. We source our grapes  from the best available terroir, conforming to our aim of striking a balance between a strong fruit component and distinct cultivar characteristics.

Producing wine is a privilege and creating good wine an art…